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Whether you’re a beginner looking to buy your first snowboard or master of the slopes, choosing the right snowboard is a difficult task. Make sure that you’re well prepared and educated when you’re shopping. Here are a few things to take into consideration.

Type – There are three main types of snowboards: All-mountain, freestyle, and splitboard. The type of board you choose should be based on where you snowboard and what kind of terrain you snowboard on. All-mountain boards are perfect for any type of terrain and conditions. You’ll be able to take all-mountain boards to the pipe, park, maintained runs, or even backcountry.  

If you’re looking for versatility this type is just right. Freestyle boards are short and flexible; they’re good for terrain parks, but lack stability. This board is better for more experienced riders. Splitboards are interesting because you can break the board down into two skis and navigate along backcountry. After you’ve reached the top you can connect the pieces back together and snowboard downhill. Take on this board if you have the skills to navigate tough terrain on your own.

Ability – Snowboards are made for different skill levels so make sure your picking something that fits your ability. Other than type, boards will generally fall into four experience categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

Width and Length – Both width and length are important considerations when picking a board. You need something with the correct dimensions for a smooth ride. The board should be wide enough to fit your feet comfortably. If your feet hang over, they’ll catch the snow but, if the board is too wide it’ll be less responsive. The length of your board is primarily determined by your weight; if you weigh more, you’ll want the board to be longer. But, it is a good idea to remember your ability and style; all of it comes into play when thinking about length.

Even though picking out a snowboard can be difficult, you’ll be less stressed if you remember what we talked about. Choose a board that’s right for your ability and height so you can navigate the slopes with ease. Have fun!