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There are amazing hikes all over the world and most likely in your vicinity. From small hikes to through hikes and everything in between, hiking is an incredible way to experience nature and adventure at the same time. These hikes are not your typical hike. They feature unparalleled views, unique flora and fauna, and strong sense of history, local pride, and a connection with nature. If that’s something you’re looking for in your next hike, this list is for you.

Kalalau Trail

Location: Kauai, Hawaii

Length: 22 miles round trip

300-foot waterfalls, sandy beaches, and a rigorous trek characterize this hike. While this trip is an out and back trip, it’s worth every step of the way just for the views. Due to conservation efforts, the trail is limited to 900 visitors a day and you will need a permit if you plan on hiking more than 2 miles. 

Camino Primitivo, Camino de Santiago

Location: Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Length: 230 miles one way

Yes, this is a long trail, but it is filled with history, culture, and mind-blowing views. You can opt for the route 9th century pilgrims traditionally took on their way to the Shrine of Saint James, but there are many paths to choose from. The hike typically takes 15 days and features views of the peaks of Picos de Europa and the World Heritage site of Lugo, the only city in the world that is fully surrounded by an intact Roman wall. 

South Maroon Peak

Location: Maroon Bells, Colorado

Length:  12 miles round trip

Colorado has no shortage of hiking trails. With 59 fourteeners in the state, there are so many to choose from it can be overwhelming. You’ll be treated to views of the gorgeous valley below and the surrounding Elk Range. You can choose the challenging trail to the top where you’ll scramble up the side or you can opt for the less arduous trail by taking the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

Lares Trek

Location: Lares, Peru

Length: 22 miles one way

It’s sibling trail, the Inca Trail, is way more well-known and crowded, making this a hidden gem in South American hiking. The 2-3 day trek is high-altitude so be sure to make preparations before starting. Experience the Andean culture first-hand and enjoy the history and views of the area up close. You won’t need a permit for the trail but a local guide is recommended. 

Chogoria Route to Point Lenana Peak

Location: Mount Kenya, Kenya

Length: 32 miles one way

As the second highest peak in Africa after Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. This dormant volcano offers more wildlife, like elephants and Cape buffalo, as well as varied terrain that ranges from bamboo rainforests to moors. You can take the gorge route which features waterfalls and cliffs, but don’t forget to watch the sunrise from near the top. It’s an absolute must-see.