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Hiking is an excellent way to explore nature around your home or even all over the world. It offers an opportunity to connect with yourself, nature, or others in a peaceful environment. Hiking is a physical challenge, but the reward is great because you get to explore new and stunning landscapes. Making the decision to start hiking may seem intimidating, but with the right preparation and equipment, you’ll be ready to go!



Picking gear for your hike doesn’t have to be difficult and there isn’t a need for a lot of high tech pieces. Start by choosing a hiking boot; footwear is the most essential item you’ll need. How else are you supposed to protect your feet? Pick a shoe that fits your needs with the appropriate style, fit, material, and cut. Make sure that the boots you choose are broken in and comfortable for long distances.

You should also wear clothing that is moisture wicking and quick-drying. Cotton material can be uncomfortable because once it’s wet, it takes a long time to dry. Also, choose clothing based on the weather, it’s always good to be prepared so your body is protected. Another piece of equipment you should bring is a backpack. Backpacks allow you to carry all essential items you’ll need while on the trail. This includes food, water, and a first aid kit.  


Like any sport, hiking requires some training, and there are plenty of ways to get your body in shape. Prep for your first hike by going to a nearby trail or the gym to train your legs for climbing and walking long distances. The best way to train at the gym is on an elliptical or stair stepper, both will give you an opportunity to prepare your entire body for any physical challenges you might run into on the trail.

It’s important to note the mental aspect of hiking. This activity isn’t about how fit you look but about your endurance. Let’s face it, the majority of endurance is mental. When you’re on the trail remember to encourage yourself when feeling tired. Believing in yourself will get you to the end of your trek.


Properly preparing for your first hike is essential to your success on the trail. Remember to not only wear the correct outerwear but also train your body. If you keep this in mind you’ll be set for your first hike!