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Sports are beloved by billions of people around the world because they provide a level of excitement and intensity that can’t be found anywhere else. Everyone is familiar with traditional sports like basketball and soccer, but there are also a lot of entertaining sports that do not get much publicity. Despite their relative obscurity, these sports are just as exciting as the major sports. Here are four interesting sports you have probably never heard of.


Chess Boxing


Chess boxing is a unique sport that combines two popular pastimes into one event. A chess boxing match consists of six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing. Just like traditional boxing, all of the rounds last for exactly three minutes. Scoring a checkmate or knockout will automatically win the match. If no one is victorious after all 11 rounds, then the winner is decided based on points won during the boxing rounds.




Floorball combines elements of hockey and lacrosse into one action-packed sport. The game is played entirely on a hardwood surface. Players use a curved stick to pick up, pass and shoot the ball. After three 20-minute periods, the team with the most goals wins the game. Floorball is becoming so popular around the world that it is in contention to be added to the Olympic Games.


Sepak Takraw


Sepak Takraw is basically a sport that combines volleyball and soccer. The game is played with the same basic rules as volleyball, but the players are only allowed to hit the ball with their feet, chest or head. This leads to some very interesting acrobatic kicks that are rarely seen on the soccer field. Sepak Takraw is primarily played with a ball made using rattan, but synthetic rubber balls can also be used.


Underwater Hockey


While hockey is traditionally played on a sheet of ice or an open field, it can also be played underwater. Players are equipped with a miniature stick, helmet, fins, and snorkel as a puck is dropped to the bottom of a deep pool. Two teams of six players attempt to push the puck across the surface of the pool into their opponents goal. Unlike ice hockey, underwater hockey allows very little physical contact to help reduce injuries.