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Beach Towns You Should Visit this Fall

Beach Towns You Should Visit this Fall

Just because there’s a chill creeping in the air, doesn’t mean beach season is over. Take advantage of the approaching beautiful fall weather, and plan a trip to one of these famous American coastal cities.


Sea Ranch, CA: Located in beautiful Sonoma County, the location is idyllic. Here, the wine flows, and the views of the Pacific seem to never end.

Sullivan’s Island, SC: Tourists come to play in the sand, and stay for seafood. Sullivan’s Island is 3.3 miles long, but home to vast beaches and thrilling water sports.

Carmel, CA: Carmel has charm; art galleries, and world-class restaurants line the streets. Don’t forget the beach, too!

Kennebunkport, ME: Historic charm with modern amenities is all found here. Locals and tourists alike revel in its beauty. People come for the lobsters, but find so much more.

Gulf Shores, AL: Visitors delight in the warm waters and the Flora-Bama Lounge. For those looking for more thrill than chill, there’s a sky diving drop zone right over the lounge!

Traverse City, MI: Atop the dunes, visitors flock to the area to wash their worries away. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore offers an escape on or off the water. The town of Traverse City offers wineries, and small town charm.

Nantucket, MA: Wampanoag for “The Faraway Land”, Nantucket is a sleepy island consisting of mostly conservatory lands. Hop a ferry, or go by plane, but don’t miss out on this island’s charm.

Cannon Beach, OR: This beach town is one of National Geographic’s top 100 most beautiful places. Towering rocks lead to sweeping vistas of the Pacific.

Clearwater, FL: Named for the clear springs along the coast, Clearwater offers classic beach activities in the heart of Florida.

Montauk, NY: Montauk is a great place to bundle up in the fall air, and see what you can reel in.

Newport, RI: Comprised of 9 towns, Newport has historic architecture and that colonial vibe that the American revolutionists left behind. Seafood, fishing, water sports, and a lot of history are what await visitors.

Jekyll Island, GA: Sitting in the Golden Isles, Jekyll Island invites visitors to slow down and let the turtles cross the street. Tourists can explore marine forests, or the island ruins.


Ecotourism Can Heal and Reveal the World

Ecotourism Can Heal and Reveal the World

Ecotourism is a way to see, explore, adventure, and embrace the world while being mindful of your impact. Rather than bringing in loads of damaging tourists that could harm or disrupt the environment in big ways, ecotourism seeks to bring greater awareness and safety to the world while still giving you what you need to have a good holiday.


How Is Ecotourism Different?

Compare ecotourism to how any other travelers interact with the world. While not all tourists are bad, everything from intentional vandalism to carbon footprint can show the need for an ecotourist revolution.

It takes resources to travel anywhere. Fossil fuels have an impact on entire regions as ships and planes fly, but more direct traveler impact can be seen in small towns as tourist regions increase.

When a new tourist attraction is found or made, it’s easy to understand that nations and regions in need may build hotels, hostels, other accommodations and attractions to welcome the visitors by almost any means necessary. Ecotourism seeks to change the impact by changing attitudes.

With an ecotourist mentality, tourist areas can get the businesses they need–or even reach into higher wants and greater success–while planning around sustainability. It’s an agreement between locals and visitors that the world is there to be seen and shared, but everyone can slow down a bit to make sustainable ways to visit.

This can mean spreading visitor areas across multiple towns, creating low-impact travel options that use less damaging fuels, and establishing rules that everyone can follow–and enforce with each other–to avoid damaging the area.


Is Ecotourism Economically Viable?

The growth of ecotourism is both a boon for the world’s recovery, the enrichment of culture, and responsible sharing of resources. As a global method of seeing nature at its finest, the concept has to make sense across multiple economic models and cultures–and it can work as long as visitors are mindful as a whole!

There will always be a debate about the purpose of tourism and how it should work. Some are motivated by the experience without affecting the world, while others want the freedom to act in any they see fit.

Some see profit and want to gain from ecotourism, while others would rather leave any financial talk to sharing and community support. At this point in ecotourism, there is one truth: all walks of life can help grow the economy even while these hard conversations happen, and finer adjustments can happen as more people become aware of what the world as a whole and its parts can deliver.

Coolest Museums to Visit While Traveling

Coolest Museums to Visit While Traveling

The world is an amazing place, let’s face it. There are so many cool things to do and museums to see that you could very well spend your whole life only visiting museums and get along just fine. Yet there are some that are better than others, with many more exhibits and rare artifacts which are worth exploring more than others.

The Louvre (Paris, France)

The Louvre is without a doubt one of the single most quintessential and beautiful museums in the world. Not only a national treasure of the French people but also a staple of European and world culture. It’s home the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, and much more. It was also the site of Dan Brown’s novel portrayed by actor Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code. The Louvre has not only European artifacts, but a stunning array of Egyptian artifacts as well.

Museo Nacional de Antropologa (Mexico City, Mexico)

If you’re into Mayan prophecies, Mexican culture, and Pre-Columbian art then the Museo Nacional de Antropologa is one to surely not miss. Located on 20 acres of land, this museum has waterfalls, statues, pools and amazing foliage which will really leave you in awe.

The British Museum (London, England)

The vastness of the British Empire is one which has come with many riches over the years. Housing over eight million objects alone, the British Museum is long revered for its Egyptian collection that is second only to Cairo, its gold jewel collection, to actual chunks of the Greek Parthenon in Athens.

The Met (NYC, USA)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, known simply as The Met, is the single largest museum in the Western Hemisphere. It has over two million items in total, and many of its paintings are from the finest European painters of all time. It houses Egyptian tombs, American artists like Frank Lloyd Wright, and so many more that you could spend a month straight soaking it all in.

There are many more fascinating and incredible museums to see, and because of the often rotating nature of the displays which are on exhibit, it can be hard to view everything around the world. But when traveling, it’s always fun to go to a museum and take a moment to appreciate how vast and complex our culture has been leading up til this point in time.

About Brent Beckley

Brent Beckley’s love for travel began right after graduating from the University of Montana. He moved to Costa Rica and started traveling extensively as the director of client services & risk management for Absolute Entertainment, S.A. He was fortunate enough to see places like Vancouver, Seoul, Toronto and Malta. Prior to this experience, he didn’t even have a passport and never knew anyone who traveled outside of the US. He now sees travel as an integral part of life. Brent’s love for Costa Rica has never faded, and he relocated there in 2016 with his wife and two children, where they now reside.

In addition to his devotion to work and family, Brent is an avid baseball fan and golfer. He loves teaching his sons about the history of baseball and how it’s developed and matured along with the history of theUnited States. Having two sons helps keep him active, and he enjoys spending as much family time as possible. The two teams the family roots for are the Atlanta braves and the Dallas Cowboys, and he makes sure to instill in his children the observation that the players who play best are the ones who have a true passion and love for what they do.

Growing up with a single mother until he was six, Brent learned early on how to take care of himself, including cooking his own meals. He never took it for granted when his family got financial assistance to put food on the table, and he has always paid it forward. As an adult, he frequently contributes both his money and his time to charities such as the Salvation Army food drives and various food projects in Costa Rica.

Whenever he arrives in a new country, he has a routine he likes to follow to immerse himself in the culture. He goes for a long walk and tries to get himself lost in whatever location he’s in. His motto is: “Go wherever you’re going, and if you want to learn more about it, get lost in it and wander around in it.” He loves how much variety there is in the world and how just changing one’s perspective and location gives us so much more to see. It’s important to take in and really experience how other people live and how different their lives are from your own. He’s glad that his children are old enough to understand travel and develop their own perspective on the world.